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Call: 865-773-0244 To Schedule your FREE Consultation!

Call: 865-773-0244 To Schedule your FREE Consultation!

Venus Bliss Fat Treatment With Venus Williams

Confidence Takes Shape - Slim & Smooth Treatments

Venus Bliss is specifically designed to safely, comfortably, and effectively heat and destroy fat cells on the
abdomen and flanks. Paired with complementary treatments to tighten skin and further slim the body, the result is
a smoother, more contoured appearance that will make you feel even more confident.

What To Expect:

Results will vary by individual. The number of treatments needed will be recommended by your
treatment provider. Optimal results are not immediate and may take several weeks to become visible.

High Patient Comfort & Safety

A contact cooling system keeps the surface of the skin protected from the heat as the energy
penetrates through the skin, providing a more comfortable experience for the fat treatment.

See The Clinically Proven Effectiveness

Studies show that the Venus Bliss fat treatments can significantly reduce the thickness of the
fat layer, slimming the appearance of the treatment areas.

* Clinically Proven Results.
* Highly Comfortable.
* No Downtime.
* Target Unwanted Fat.
* Tighten Skin.
* Reduce Circumference.
* Reduce Cellulite.

Safe for All Skin Tones!

The technology used for treatments, as well as the technology used for skin tightening, are safe for all skin types. No matter what your skin tone is, you can benefit from all the treatments that Venus Bliss offers.